Welcome to Sunshine Learning Miami

Thank you for your interest in Sunshine Learning Miami! Our philosophy is to tailor a program that suits the student and not the other way around, we refer to that as customized education. Since the beginning, we have been offering our students a stress free environment and hands-on education. We believe that every child is uniquely gifted and learns in a distinct way, so we ensure to adapt the curricula to every specific need.

We teach our students to be curious, self-confident, and independent learners. We strive to help them flourish within a small setup along with multi-grade interaction where they will feel part of a family. Most importantly, we seek to develop in each of them a desire to learn, have a deep multicultural understanding, form strong collaborative skills, and devote themselves to the local community and the world.

Because this is a Home School environment our admission process is open throughout the entire year, your child can start his/her Home School Education at any time during the year.

At Sunshine Learning Miami we look forward to welcoming you to be part of our family and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.


​Adriana Zeppenfeldt

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For Private School Registration:

Fill out the application form and bring the following documents along with the application:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Health Immunization Requirements
– Florida Student Health Examination Form (Form 3040)
(Including Tuberculosis Clinical Screening)
– Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form 680)
3. Proof of Address in name of Parents or Guardians (Must provide two)
– Warranty Deed or Lease Agreement
– Homestead Exemption
– Florida Electric Bill (Current Bill)

For homeschooling registration please call 786-592-2641

Call us for more information, details, and enrollment.

+1 (786) 592-2641