EIBS Classrooms

EIBS Classrooms In Partnership with Sunshine Learning Miami

Who is EIBS?

EIBS is a company with international experience that provides customized
behavioral and educational services for children with developmental disabilities,
autism spectrum disorder, and mainstream students.
We are glad to offer our expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis and special education
in order to assure a positive impact in your child’s learning process.

What is ABA?

Behavior analysis focuses on helping individuals to learn new skills, and at the same
time, it aims to decrease problem behaviors that are a barrier for learning using
procedures that have been demonstrated to be effective through applied research.

Our method

EIBS will build a tailor made curriculum for your child with a focus on language and
communication (talking, listening, understanding others), social or emotional skills
(playing, interacting with others), and academic skills (individualized academic
goals). We will use behavioral principles and procedures such as positive
reinforcement, token economy, fluency sprints, error-less teaching, error correction
procedure, prompting, differential reinforcement, discrete trial teaching, task
analysis, chaining, and shaping in order to cater your child’s learning process.


• Individualize goals and results that can be tracked by parents and by the
• An intervention plan will be put in place in order to reduce problem behaviors
that are a barrier for learning.
• Your child will learn through motivation.
• Your child will be less likely to contact failure during the learning process.
• Staff trained in behavior analysis (Registered Behavior Technicians RBTs).
• Weekly supervision provided by a (Board Certified Behavior Analysis, BCBA).
• Special focus on language and communication skills.
• Mainstream during non-academic subjects such as P.E, Art, and French class.
• Opportunity to socialize and interact with other peers during snack, lunch, and

Our proposal

Our EIBS Classrooms will be meticulously planned and designed by our team in
partnership with Sunshine Learning to maximize your child’s learning potential.
The program includes:
• Six hours of specialized instruction 9:00am to 3:00pm (Monday to Friday)
• Specialized therapists (Registered behavior technician)
• Small classrooms ratio
• Daily Supervision by a Board Certified Behavior Analysis, BCBA
• Individualized educational Materials
• Quarterly meetings with parents to analyze and share progress

For more Information please contact us at (786) 592-2641

Early Intervention Behavioral Services

Early Intervention Behavioral Services