Progress Report

Frequently Asked Questions

We are putting together a few frequently asked questions that we are receiving from our parents and for the benefit of everybody involved in Sunshine’s Distance Learning Program we make them available to you.

We are going to continue adding more questions and answers, therefore, check back constantly.

Q: Why my son/daughter is behind in Language Arts and Math in Edgenuity?

A: Both classes were added to our online curriculum to cover this emergency situation, we customized the curriculum for each student, and we put the length of the class to end on May 31st but we didn’t take in consideration the Spring Break week. We will make the adjustment to put both classes current.

Q: Are the teachers available only to support and help the students?

A: For now, the teachers will be supporting and assisting the students when they need them, when everybody get use to the system, we are going to start online classes with a small group of students.

Q: For how long should the student work in each class?

A: We sent an email with a suggested schedule, but the parents can make changes depending on the situation of each student.

Q: Are you going to take attendance during the remote learning program?

A: Yes, for record keeping and to follow the attendance policy under the Florida Department of Education.

Q: My son/daughter are registered under home school program; do they need to take attendance?

A: Yes, for record keeping and to follow the compulsory attendance policy and truancy law.

Q: Is the attendance link working on any device?

A: Yes, but the student must be logged in his/her Microsoft 365 account to be able to submit the attendance.

Q: What happen if my son/daughter delete the email with the link for the attendance.

A: Get in contact with the office via email to:, we will send you a new email immediately.

Q: I didn’t know if the schedule you shared was a suggestion or had to be followed by hour?

A: The schedule that we sent is a suggestion and will depend on the teacher availability for any class. The activities on the schedule are only to let you know what they are required to do, but you can use a different order.

Q: Will the distance learning program that Sunshine Learning Miami is using right now will continue to the end of the school year.

A: We will be making changes and adjustments to our program to facilitate the delivery of the teaching-learning process.

Q: If my son/daughter needs to unlock a test on Edgenuity (for Middle/High School) or Studies Weekly (Elementary) what should they do?

A: He/She can connect with the teacher through Microsoft Team (Text or Video Call), email the class teacher, or email to: and we will take care of the student immediately.

Q: If my son/daughter can’t return to the school for the rest of the school year how they will be evaluated.

A: we are evaluating everyday based on the work they are doing on the different platforms they are using.

Q: What will happen with the graduation ceremony at the American Airlines Arena?

A: We are waiting for an official announcement from the NBA to reschedule the rest of the season so we can celebrate our ceremony there. Also, we are considering to move it for the beginning of the regular season but in any case, we must wait for the NBA, American Airlines Arena, and the Miami Heat.