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At Sunshine Learning Miami, we offer schooling to those families that have not found in the regular school system, a suitable environment for the education of their children.

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At Sunshine Learning Miami, we offer schooling to those families that have not found in the regular school system, a suitable environment for the education of their children.

With professional and experienced staff, we provide the tools to get the students to be more independent and develop their potential to the fullest.

Our system covers all the Sunshine State Standards and the curricula required for each grade in a stress free – homework free – environment. Our students take advantage of time spent on homework and engage in a deeper level of knowledge. All of this is at the student’s pace, we will dedicate as much time as needed in areas that are more difficult for the students.

Sunshine Learning Miami provides an Annual Evaluation and transcripts for homeschool students. Also, we prepare all the paperwork required by the school district to start right away!

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Adriana Zeppenfeldt

Our Philosophy

At Sunshine Learning Miami, our focus is to tailor a program that suits the student and not the other way around, we refer to that as customized education. Since the beginning, we have been offering our students a stress-free environment and hands-on education. It’s our believe that every child is uniquely gifted and learns in a distinct way, so we ensure to adapt the curricula to every specific need.

We teach our students to be curious, self-confident, and independent learners. We strive to help them flourish within a small setup along with multi-grade interaction where they will feel part of a family. Most importantly, we seek to develop in each of them a desire to learn, have a deep multicultural understanding, form strong collaborative skills, and devote themselves to the local community and the world.

Homeschooling Graduation Ceremony

Our History

I have a passion for teaching, it is something I have been doing for around 22 years. After teaching for so many years, I came to a realization that completely changed my perspective on education due to an incident that occurred. Back in 2010, I had a terrible experience with my son going to a public school. Consequently, my husband and I decided to take his academic education in our hands, so we designed a curriculum and adapted it in a way that best fit his needs. When a friend of mine found out that I was homeschooling my son, she decided it was a great idea and allowed me to teach her son as well. Soon after, yet another student joined us and at that moment, I realized that the homeschooling success was attributed to the fact that I was impacting their learning experience in a very positive way. The results were astonishing, my three students were motivated while learning in a stress-free environment, developed a newfound love for learning, and even had the time to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities in the afternoon— something that we believe is extremely important to implement as well.

At that point, what I wanted more than anything was to continue impacting the lives of more students. I quickly made the decision to leave the small classroom I had been using within my home to find a bigger space— my goal was to continue to teach children in the same stress-free environment that I had with my son a few years back.

The future is very promising; with the technology that we have right now we are working to reach more and more students and prepare them for the challenges they will face ahead.

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