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Graduation Ceremony

Sunshine Learning Miami Class of 2020 End of the Year Drive By

Sunshine Learning Miami Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Message of our Principal Ms. Adriana Zeppenfeldt

Good afternoon Sunshine Family,

Every year I ponder about my graduation day speech and it is incredibly difficult to reflect on a year’s worth of emotions and express it in just a few words. But I especially want to emphasize how proud I am of my staff and children.

Every year we celebrate the hard work, the achievements, the effort, but this year we can say with pride that we were able to overcome adversity in many forms. First, in that of a health crisis which then resulted in virtual classes— where we had to completely shift our dynamic and find a way to function in the midst of all the chaos. In light of that, it has become clear that we are— more than ever before— capable of reaching any goal with determination and passion.

Back in 2019, we were at the American Airlines Arena having an unforgettable day— full of emotions, laughter, tears of joy, and lots of fun. All our plans were abruptly changed when the pandemic hit us, eliminating the possibility to celebrate our ceremony again in that monumental venue. But then it was during the rehearsals that we had this past week that I realized that no matter where we do it, the most important thing is that we are together, and we are stronger than ever. Our kids deserve the best and that is why we took what we had and made the best of it.

So, my message this year is to find the best in the worst, do not make excuses, make it happen, be grateful and be proud of yourself.

To my kids, or should I say, my young adults that are graduating today to start a new chapter of their lives out of the Sunshine walls, we will miss you, but you are ready to fly out of the nest, and we are so sure that you will be very successful.

It has been an honor to have you all in our lives this past few years but specially on a day like today…

I would like to ask you for a round of applause to my teachers, kids, and parents because we did it!!    Congratulations!!! Thank you!!!

Graduation Ceremony Class of  2019

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony Class of 2019

This April 3rd, Sunshine Learning Miami is partnering up with the American Airlines Arena and the Miami Heat to bring to you an unforgettable graduation ceremony experience. For the first time ever, homeschoolers will have the opportunity to spend their special day in this iconic location. We are extending the invitation to all seniors, kindergarten, elementary and middle schoolers.

On this day, participants will have the opportunity to walk the ceremony with their cap and gown as they receive the diploma for their grade level. Afterwards, the students will be able to take pictures with the Miami Heat Championship Trophies and Burnie, the mascot while enjoying delicious snacks. Once the ceremony is over, the fun will continue as we will get to enjoy the game featuring the Miami Heat vs. the Boston Celtics and see our very own Dwayne Wade in his second to last performance of the regular season at the AAA. On top of all the exciting aforementioned activities, Sunshine Learning Miami and The Miami Heat will give every person a Post-Game Free Throw pass to go down to the court and shoot one Free Throw. Needless to say, it will be an incredibly memorable night.

We hope to see you there!

For tickets and information call us at 786-592-2641

Christmas Party 2018

Field Trip to Bush Gardens

Community Service

Community Service is a way for many people, particularly the young to regain a sense of community. Sunshine Learning Miami seeks to provide students with the opportunity to involve them in a variety of enriching, useful and practical experiences that serve Sunshine Learning Miami and the community. A minimum of 100 hrs. is required for graduation.

One of our High School students is taking care of a baby squirrel and explaining to the younger students how to handle it.

Ballet Presentation

The show was awesome! Congratulations to Ms. Kimberly and our Sunshine Learning Miami Ballet Team!

Sunshine Learning ROBOTICS

Robotics for Homeschoolers!

We will be opening robotics courses for homeschoolers soon. We will post registration process and schedules here in the website and in our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

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